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Bikini Waxing In Duluth Near 30097, 30096, 30024

"Best Waxing Service" - Voted No 1 in Georgia- From bikini treatments to full body hair removal, the Solar Salon And Spa&#174 Family devotes itself to providing you with virtually painless procedures while achieving the best results possible. our treatments are all-inclusive, going beyond the ordinary. we are fanatical about your comfort. because of this obsession, we stress the proper skincare before & after the hair removal process, so you leave feeling smooth, clean, & happy!

Here at Solar Salon And Spa&#174, we maintain hygienic conditions for all of our treatments, especially waxing. in fact, we were the first (at least to our knowledge) to strictly enforce the no double-dip policySM for all of our waxing & sugaring treatments.

original home of the no double-dip policySM

it's kind of creepy, but germs are everywhere. at Solar we hope to ensure a germ-free visit, using only sanitary equipment. we enforce the strict no double-dip policySM which means that the same spatula will NEVER be re-dipped into the vat of wax! Double-dipping is a common practice in wax application in which the same wooden or plastic spatula is re-dipped back into to the vat of wax during the procedure. unfortunately this technique increases the chances that any potential bacteria from one client could spread to another (yikes!). hence, our no double-dip policySM ; this way you can love your hairless skin & our affordable service without any of the worry you might feel at some scary spa.

complimentary patch tests available

if you've never waxed before & are feeling slightly apprehensive, we recommend dropping in for a complimentary patch test to see how you react personally. please get your patch test at least 24 hours before a full treatment. Waxing here at Solar Salon And Spa is performed with our sensitive formula which contains azulene oil, a natural anti-inflammatory derived from the chamomile plant that helps to soothe your skin while waxing.
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Established And Serving Georgia Since 1997
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Full Face $21
Full Legs $35
Half Arms $12 & up
Under Arms $7
Belly Area $10
Breast Area $8
Upper Lips $4
Sides $6
Chin $3
Full Back $20
Half Back $10
Full Body $70 & up
Butts $15
Bikini $25
Brazilian $35
Full Arm $20
Full Arm And Under Arm $25
Half Leg $18

Precare pointers

Important aftercare acknowledgements

After waxing, your skin is more sensitive & can be prone to irritation. At Solar Salon And Spa, we advise you to:

Ingrown hair prevention tips

Outgrow your ingrown fears! - after waxing, many clients panic about the possibility of ingrown hairs. For this common concern, Solar Salon And Spa® recommends exfoliation! (but please wait at least 48 hours before you begin your exfoliating regimen)!

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